The Lezzy’s are over. (Finally!) I was a finalist in two categories and still can’t figure out how that was rigged. I didn’t take the cake in either but really? Of course not. Did you see the real blogs that I was up against? Finding out I was in the final few made me feel like that little shrimpy guy that makes the cut because my dad is the business sponsor for the team uniforms or something. Only he’s not. And don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it and I ran with it. But, like I said, it was a bit surprising to be in the company of the Lezzy contenders and winners. And a big congratulations to all of them. They are all lezzy-worthy and I am flattered to have been in their company by any means.

Ok, so, good for the winners, ya ya, blah, blah. Happy happy, they deserve it, moving on… Here’s the important part: THANK YOU. Ya, you. Everyone from that one lost fellow looking for hot naked pictures of Jennifer Beals that got directed here accidentally to the “blazerwest folk,” of my blog, which is just my own blog-code-name for all of you that keep showing up here, day after day. Because when you do my day gets better and when you don’t I wonder and maybe after a while, I might even worry (and then I find your twitter account and tweet you a personal tweet to make sure you’re ok and you always are and then I’m like, right, ok then, this is awkward, see you around.) You all know who you are.

My life is my life and I could write about it or not, but I keep doing so here because y’all are good company and fun to hang out with. So, here’s to you. Here’s to us. Thanks for voting and clearly all of you will all need to come up with twice as many false email accounts next year and vote a whole lot more. Until then, mush mush, love love, you know I adore you (minus the creepy guy here for naked pictures of Jennifer Beals) now get over yourself, this is about me.

Happy Friday-eve, everyone! Happy Cherday!

This is one of my favorite Cher songs to just get up and dance around to like a fool, and I’ve been saving it. And right now it’s perfect, and just for you…

(there is a 7 second delay, be patient… it’s worth it.)