Well folks, clearly you have time on your hands. Enough time to read the folly happenings of my life and then still, even more time to nominate this little blog for a Lezzy Award over at The Lesbian Lifestyle. So, first off, THANK YOU. Very, really, truly, thank you, thank you. Getting nominated for a Lezzy Award was quite flattering. Finding out that I am a finalist for the “humor” and “personal” categories has me jumping up and down.

I’ll attempt to keep this one short(er than usual), just in case y’all have work to do, it is Monday after all. The point to this entire post is to thank you for taking the time to stop by here, and also for taking the time to nominate this little blog and… oh shoot… hmm, there was one more thing… now, what was it?

Oh, right! VOTE!

Once again, the rules are as follows:

1. You can vote every day! Clearly y’all are fierce voting machines, so, keep it up!

2. I must continue to remain an active lesbian for the duration of the competition. With Violet out of town having lesbian sex is out. So, I will have to improvise my lesbianism. How about this: I promise to watch one episode of the L Word for every five Golden Girls (ugh.) I will also make plans to hang out with other lesbians in lesbian establishments and talk about lesbian stuff (i.e. Old Navy sales, Rachel Maddow, the newest Sugarbutch post, Lilith Fair, etc.) I will also put an Indigo Girls album and an Ani Difranco album on my ipod to offset the abundance of Cher. (If I come up with other ways to be lesbian-like, I will let you know. Feel free to offer suggestions.)

3. Voting closes on March 1st.  So, until then, vote!

So! Once again, ladies and gentlemen, and every beautiful representation, possibility, perversion, invention, diversion, rebellion, infusion, expression, combination there of,  if you would please, click the pink box to make it happen! (yes indeed, that’s what she said.)