A few days ago I got a fabulously flattering email from the teacher that watches over my sweet little GSA kiddos at my old high school in Smallmindednowhereville.  And by popular gay demand, the kiddos asked this teacher to ask me if I would attend another meeting, specifically their next meeting …it is a bit of late notice, but is this Tuesday an option?

I must have waited over an entire hour to respond, you know, so not to look desperate or anything and emailed, “Yes. Yes. Yes. I will be there! See you then. Thanks!”

So, tomorrow morning, I will hit the road, cross state lines and once again show up to a haunted old high school to spend an hour with some of the most remarkable folks under the age of 18 that I have ever been so lucky to meet. The topic of their meeting this week?  “Coming out.” Right. Simple. Easy. Shouldn’t take more than an hour.

I will keep you posted, of course, like I do.