I have mentioned before that I was the graduation speaker for my class in college, and as all graduation speeches go, I knew I needed to quote deeply profound words from a deeply profound person. And so I did. And because no one proof read my speech before it was presented I got away with quoting Cher.  In the second to last line of my speech I quoted the Queen of All Things Fabulous and Sparkly by saying this: “If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen.” See? Deep. Profound. Yes?

A few weeks ago, a favorite long time readers, Saintchick, chimed in with a fabulous Christmas gift idea for Violet. And although her very sweet, thoughtful and creative gift idea was both late and not what I ended up going with, she started her comment with “Please pick me… I want a chershoutout!” She could not have been any more to the point and I totally dig that. So, dear Saintchick, by request, this one is for you. You wanted it, you made it happen. Cher would be proud.

Happy Friday-eve, everyone, Happy Cherday!