Ok, ok, ok, I have waited for everyone around to finally go to bed and fall asleep so to sneak this post from my folks computer in Somewhere Oregon. I think I am officially having blog withdrawals – does anyone know about this? Is this normal?

So, ok, holy cow, to say the very least. What a vacation trip this little holiday break has been. I don’t have much to say yet (can you even believe that?!?) as I have been biting my tongue here and there for so many days now that maybe I’ve lost my touch a bit? Or maybe I am just so damn tired and worn down and out that the verbose in me has crashed into a deep sleep? This I know- I can’t wait to get back to Seattle with my little family, sit on my couch and stare at all of the laundry and everything else that needs attention that won’t get any for a few days, at least.

This holiday venture has been wonderful in parts and hard and stressful and emotional and hard and hard and hard, just like everyone, in all of our different ways, right? I know. But I so look forward to being home, to waking up with JUST Violet, and ONLY the Seal somewhere near by. I look forward to an extended general state of boringness.

My little family, Violet, the Seal and myself, intend on leaving tomorrow morning but, but, but, who-the-&*@#-ever-with-serious-weather-power-who-very-obviously-hates-me cried his vengeful tears and this city that I am in, all of a sudden, out of the blue, with NO warning or prediction what so ever, has been covered in 8 inches of snow and ice. So now, obviously, who knows where I’ll be tomorrow night now. Have I mentioned that I am exhausted?

This-totally-CRAZY-out-of-the-blue-that-no-one-in-the-whole-world-or-outer-universe-knew-was-coming snow storm, that had me stuck in the car, attempting to drive with the main goal of not dying for what should have been 30 minutes turned 5 hours, with all of the main family stressers in my life in tow, ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT, might hold us back one more day. Of course, right. Fine. Whatever.

Point is… eh, I don’t have one. Well, here’s a point: I have made it thus far which leads me to a strong belief that I will make it, in general. And, oh yes, hi little house of jljj, I’ve missed all of you.