So, I am out of town and trying my best to keep this little house of just like jesse james in some sort of fair order while I’m away, meaning I WILL NOT skip Cherday just because of the Holidays! Actually I would have, to be totally honest, if it wasn’t for a wonderful reader, Kim. She sent me an email with a FABULOUS picture of the dining room in which our dear Goddess of All Things Sparkley and Fabulous will be spending her holiday meals. It is tres Cher and tres fabulous, which is redundant really, but anyway. Thanks Kim.

I know this isn’t a video but come on folks, there is still plenty to ogle.

Happy whatever-it-is-that-you-celebrate-and-to-each-a-good-holiday-of-attempting-to-survive-spending-time-with-family-and-those-you-love.

jesse james