Amongst all of the nicknames, cute and not so cute, that Violet has for me, one of the more regular is “good little boyscout.” Now, we all know this can’t be literal as I am not a boy and also, the boy scouts do not permit faggot lesbians to join their little club, but you get the point.

And Violet knows, because of all of my daily woahs, that one of my most frequent heartaches is constantly witnessing situations where I see a human make the conscious choice not to help where clearly help is needed or could be, you know, helpful. It breaks me really, on any level, and it happens a lot.

So anyway, I hate the cold weather but the best thing about the dawning holiday season is watching folks try a little harder to care, to be kind. Whatever the motivation is, I don’t care, I just sleep better watching someone need and someone give, just like that. I was downtown today and saw it a few times. It won’t last, I know that, and I would like to say I am prepared for that, but that isn’t true. Regardless, I will take kindness where and when I can find it, which, amongst all of the things I can’t stand about this time of year, really makes me smile.

There is no official video for this Cher song but this one is a nice collection of things and the song itself is a good one. It’s simple, to the point and it is CHER for gawd sake.  She knows what she is talking about.

Hey you! Happy Cherday! Happy Friday-eve.