A phone call yesterday:

::ring ring::

Violet: Oh hi mom and dad.

Dad: Hi Violet. Are you still planning to go on vacation to Mexico to learn Spanish?

Vioet: Um, well yes but probably not until January.

Dad: Well, you know, December is the best time to hike the Grand Canyon.

Violet: Oh. Ok. No, I didn’t know that.

Dad: Ya, it is. There was an article about it in the New York Times today. So, I was thinking, instead of going to Mexico, you and I should hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon together…

Mom: Well Violet, I don’t think you are going to learn a whole lot of Spanish walking the Grand Canyon with your father…

Dad (interrupts): Oh no, a lot of people speak Spanish there.

Violet: Um, wow, ok, well, can I think about it, talk with jesse and see when I might be able to consider this?

Me (whispering in the background while flailing my hands): Go, go go! Oh my lord, Violet, just go!

Dad: Sure, ok. But I have reserved a couple of plane tickets and our stay at the bottom of the canyon for next week. They also provide our food. I ordered you the stew.

She smiled big. She loves stew… and her dad.

How did this end, you ask?

She leaves next Wednesday.