Ok folks, riddle me this: Who is sweet, funny, talented as all get out, some kind of seriously good looking, goofy, with a big ol’ Broadway voice like nobody’s business, and has a name to match a personality that was born to be a star? (And yes, of course the answer is Cher, but no, not in this particular case) You get three guesses…

Guess #1: Winona Ryder? Not sure about the voice but good guess. I love her and have always imagined that she would play a love interest of mine in my made for TV movie: “The Life And Times Of A Faggot Lesbian Who Stole Nothing But Hearts.” I was going to call it “Going Rogue” but, once again, Sarah beat me to the punch.

Guess #2: Me? Stop! Fair enough, though. I mean, I can see where you are coming from. Good guess, but no.

Guess #3: Haviland Stillwell? Your third guess is Haviland Stillwell?!? Damn you’re good! You are correct! Yes, indeed, Haviland Stillwell, Miss Stillwell, The Haviland, if you will.

I will start by admitting that I just discovered this fabulous woman and can’t get enough. I am a late bloomer in some areas and finding Haviland is one of them.

Ok, so now you are wondering about me, because you care about me and you want to know why I am so excited about Haviland and how I discovered the many talents that are Haviland Stillwell, right? Well, the very shortest version is this:

My second post on going to my old high school’s new GSA club meeting was up for a few days when all of a sudden it got a big ol’ spike in attention (this is in humble blog standards, mind you) and so I checked to see where the traffic was coming from. And to my blushing surprise, my favorite fabulous online magazine, Autostraddle, linked to my post (once again, I am after an article about Sarah P.) Secondly (and this will all come together eventually) I was getting some traffic from a facebook page and I found this odd because I don’t even have a facebook page.  So, I clicked on the facebook link only to find a photo of this beautiful woman who had a gazillion and twenty three fans… eh hem, I mean friends and so I emailed her this sheepish email asking her if she might know why folks are landing on my blog via her facebook page. “Have you even heard of my blog?” I wrote, totally confirming that I am absolutely nobody.

Well, well, folks, not only is she beautiful and famous, she was also kind enough to respond. Turns out she had also linked my second GSA post to her facebook page (that too will make more sense in a minute.)

And so, totally flattered and curious, the Haviland Stillwell web stalking began. I spent hours looking things up, and as it should turn out, she is pretty incredible and has done a lot of incredible things. And here is just SOME of what I found:

Not only was she in Les Miserables and Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway… on Broadway, folks. She also has her own concert that she performs, has been dubbed “the modern day Scarlett O’Hara,” sang on the Rosie Cruises with Rosie, and has an escalating TV and film career, with a movie on its way. And apparently she has 42 hour days, and so in her spare time she teaches, consults, and produces. Oh, and did I mention her recent recurring role on the TV show Eastwick?… And for those of you who are not catching on to how this all goes back to Cher, which by now you should realize that everything good in this world will somehow lead back to Cher, in 1987 Cher starred in the movie Witches of Eastwick, and this Eastwick TV show is an adaptation- meaning, it rocks.

So, as you can see Haviland is amazing, Haviland is beautiful, Haviland has some connection to Cher, doubly confirming her fabulousness and Haviland is EVERYWHERE… which is to say that my late discovery of her doubly confirms that my address is in fact, Under A Rock, Seattle, WA.

Ok, back to me for a second (tis my blog after all.) So, my GSA post was linked on Haviland’s facebook page only to find out two more amazing things 1. She just happens to be friends with oh, you know, the woman behind the moment that I realized I was gay, Sophie B. Hawkins, and she sent her my post 2. At one point in time, Miss Haviland Stillwell, being the PL that she is (that’s Power Lesbian, yo), was the president of her high school’s GSA club… that’s right folks- who’s all perked up and paying attention NOW!?!

Wait, what’s that? Oh, you want more Haviland? Ya, well, get in line, sister. Also, you’ve come to the right place. I am going to do an interview with her fabulous self and will be posting that sometime in the near future. So, stay tuned for more of the mighty fabulous Haviland Stillwell on this blog… and everywhere else. (If you have questions for or about Haviland the Fabulous, either leave a comment or send them to my email, jessejamesblog(at)gmail(dot)com, and if the question doesn’t suck I’ll ask her, and if she doesn’t think it sucks, she might just answer… and just remember, there are no stupid questions, unless it is.)

Until I post our interview, here are some of my favorite online Haviland Stillwell finds:

No on Proposition 8: “We don’t like our gay friends, we support gay marriage”

Haviland as Sarah Palin? Really? YES.

Haviland does a Dolly song… sing it girl!

If Cher had even the slightest clue that Thursday was her day according to the queer elliptical spin of jljj world, I am sure she would be proud to share today’s spot with the fabulous Haviland.

Happy Cherday, everyone! Happy friday-eve!