Look, it’s my blog, folks. I got all excited about the New York stories and wanted to post one of them right away (the rest will show up in the next week.) Yes, this whole New York adventure got in the way of Cherday, I get that, but such is life. And again, let us not forget, this is my blog.

So, being the king of this domain (and this domain only), I have moved Cherday this week. Can she do that, you are asking? Dude. Of course I can. How many times do I have to say it. This is my damn blog.

So anyway, this particular Cher song has been on my mind since last week. And this is my first ever dedication:

To my “why do they call me gay” googler– I am still thinking about you, buddy… a lot.  And by ‘buddy’ I mean every single one of you out there.

This is actually one of my favorite Cher songs and I have been waiting for a special reason to post it. (Please also notice the NY theme in the video. Yes, I am that gay and coordinated, folks… tying it all together like that, yo.)

Happy Cherday, everyone! Happy Friday!

Have a fabulous weekend.