… Well, not totally. I mean, Cher is still involved.  Of course. It IS Thursday after all.

I have spent way more time than I will admit trying to find a decent cover of Just Like Jesse James. It is just one of those songs that is nearly impossible to sing without sounding, well, pretty terrible. It just doesn’t get covered well. The song is exhausting really (yes, I know this from personal experience, come on folks), it has a huge range and you’re up against CHER for gawdsake. Not easy. And with no hard feelings to the many, many, maaaany attempts on youtube most of them really start to hurt after a while if not pretty immediately.

So just as I was about to give up I ran into the unsuspecting small-town-Lori Brown (I made that up for her).  And folks, it’s not that she sings the song well, she ephing ROCKS IT out of the park! Home. Run. I’m telling you, The Goddess of all thing Sparkly and Fabulous would be so proud! I sure am.

*If you are one of those extremely impatient and attention deprived folks like myself AT LEAST watch from 2:08 to 2:17 AND 3:22 to 3:33! In the borrowed words of Leo MacCool “OH EM GEE!” This Lori Brown woman is ON FIRE.

Speaking of fire, the first time I watched the part in between 2:08 to 2:17 I stood up, point at the screen and yelled, “THAT’S RIGHT LORI BROWN! AIM AND FIRE, BABY! AIM! AND! FIIIIIRE!” (too much information?)

Happy Friday-eve folks! Happy Cherday… eh hem, I mean, Lori Brown day!

(If there are any haters out there that seriously think someone (besides Cher of course) can sing this song better I challenge you to send me the video…)