Last night I was on the phone with my buddy Sinclair (maybe you’ve heard of her?), talking up a storm about this and that, like I do and like she so patiently wades through, when all of a sudden she said, “ok, it’s booked.”

… as in my ticket to New York. is. booked.

We have had this in the works for some time and finally, finally, the time is right and it is all coming together. In just a few weeks we will be painting the town together like we do and do oh so well. I will also finally get to meet Kristen, which, of course, I very much look forward to. I have my fingers crossed that I will get to have a drink with GR-E.G, and maybe even Leo and Freedomgirl?

And oh yes,  it is no accident that the weekend I am there just happens to be the same weekend as my name twin (minus the Andrew part and the capital J), Mr. Jesse Andrew of Jess I Am is  having his top surgery fundraiser/31st birthday. Sin and I have planned my trip around this fabulous event and I am quite excited. I have wanted to meet Jesse and Tina for some time now and really look forward to the party.. eh hem, I mean fundraiser. (Oh, by the way, donate for gawds sake! Even just a buck or two. But let’s help get this guy get where he’s going already!)

Well folks, that’s the newest news from this puppy-eyed westcoast blogger. So, thank you economy, for sucking hard enough to put us both out of work at the same time so we can burn money, which we have none, and time, which we have too much, together, finally.

And to you, Sin, a little song from me to you :

(p.s. SOMEONE! I need the guitar chords to this song! How is it that I can’t find them anywhere? I have some of it figured out but need to teach myself the entire acoustic version so that I can feel whole and complete – and also so that I will have the option to embarrass myself with some sort of terrible drunken concert of sorts whenever the mood strikes.)