Here’s the deal- whoever I steal internet from has an issue with their router and is obviously less bothered by this than I am. It has been over a week now and I am going bonkers.

Right now I am typing this on an iPhone that I am totally addicted to but might not keep. And not only is the net down but my computer itself is AGAIN having expensive issues and is AGAIN having some PC surgery at the computer doctor that I most likely can’t afford… Shall I keep whining? Ok.

ISO new ankle. Must be fit with no prior sprains or breaks. Contact jesse. Thanks.

It has been over a month and my ankle and now other pieces and parts of my foot are clearly pissed off. I can walk for the most part but it hurts to and it will randomly swell and rebruise. Oh, and for all you who commented and emailed me with concern, thank you and I did eventually go to the doctor. She thought itcwas just a bad sprain but has since changed her mind to ‘not sure.’ I have an appointment with a foot doc next week to see what is up.

Besides being computerless and one footed life is going quite well.

Randomly, a few days ago I found a poor little disoriented baby squirrel looking quite exhausted and looking more like a cat treat than a lost baby. So, of course I decided I needed to help little Jose out somehow.

I have self diagnosed myself with anthro-guilt complex (made that up but it sounds spot on) and I take it very personaly when animals (yes, this includes bugs) are in need.

I called some wildlife folks and did what they said to do: get him in a box with a warm towell and put the box in the tree you think he came from.

Turns out mama squirrels are fairly maternal but won’t come to the ground to get their babes- now we know.

Anyway, after a good long and needed nap little Jose jumped out of the box and started climbing the tree, crying for mom. He looked rested and like he had his squirrel marbles back. I haven’t seen him since but have a good feeling about it. Ah, the life of the bleeding-heart-unemployed.

And yes I did ask Violet if we could keep him and yes she cut me off mid-sentence with a do-not-even-sort-of-kind-of-consider-this “NO.”

Happy Cher day, everyone! Happy Friday-eve!