Last weekend Violet, the Seal, a good friend and I went for a lovely hike in the woods. It was a perfect day, perfect temperature and with perfect company.

I have wanted to learn/do parkour for some time, which I have practiced a bit and to which Violet very much disapproves. Our agreement to date is that if and when I have really good insurance I can do “this parkour thing”. I do not have really great insurance as of now and therefor have not done any parkouring… except for that one little moment at the bottom of the hike.

There was this big slanted bolder thing about 100 feet from the trail head and on the way up my brain was screaming “Run up that thing like spider-man! Do it do it do it!!” But I didn’t.  Because I, like oh so many, am presently uninsured (different post!).

On the way down from the hike, as we passed that perfectly steep and slanted bolder again and maybe for the last time in my whole entire life my brain was screaming, “Now! Now! Now! Go! Go! Go!” and all of a sudden I was running and crawling up this huge steep bolder thing like a fucking superhero! I stood at the top, grandly bowing at the applause going wild in my head.  Our friend was totally impressed and I am not sure what Violet would say now, but I saw that look, at the time I’m pretty sure she thought it was cool.

Our friend tried a few times but wasn’t quite getting it so I decided to climb down and show her how-its-done.

I got to the last bit of the rock that I could actually stand on and took a bit of a jump down. I landed… oh so totally unparkourly… and landed myself a very serious ankle injury. For the last few days I have been calling it a sprain but as I still can’t walk I am starting to wonder/worry a bit that something might be broken (the insurance should come through any day now! *insecure laugh with fingers crossed*).

Violet has bit her tongue and has been nothing but a sexy sweet angel nurse who has been so incredibly caring and kind to her now mostly useless, fleeting-moment-now-turned-ex superhero partner.

All of this is to say I have been spending a lot of time on the couch staring at books, magazines, blogs and youtube. So, besides knowing everything there is to know about African elephants (seriously, ask me anything) my favorite find so far is this short little video. I can’t stop watching it.

If there was a 100% guarantee that I would have this kid exactly I would happily sit on this couch for another 9 months. And seriously, I am a convert at this point- take Violet’s advice on this one – “No insurance, well then, don’t act dumb… you can’t afford it.”