How to make something for your girlfriend that includes:  getting to be outside, playing in the dirt, getting to dig holes, requiring no more help than a Seal or misc. domestic animal can offer, hammering (you really don’t need to do this, but it can be worked in if you really want to) and ending up with something green, growing and tasty.

This is the herb garden I built for Violet while she was out of town a few weeks ago:

First, I followed where the sun hit our yard for a day and found this little section to be the sunniest.


You can’t really tell, but I dug down and turned the dirt (soil, if you will) about a foot and a half deep.

flat dirt

Found some scrap wood and built a simple frame (do not use pressurized wood for food garden beds- the chemicals in the wood will leach and you don’t want to eat that stuff). I also bought a bag of chicken poop to amend the soil a bit. Food loves to grow in chicken poop and chicken poop loves to help food grow. The Seal is totally bored.


Added herbs, watered em’ and voila.

baby herbs

About a month later:

herb garden July 2009

(Want to build one or something similar and have questions? Just email me and I’ll help you out where I can.)