I know you know that I love Cher… squared. And what I love about her is an endless list of fabulousness, which I assume you would also be catching onto at this point. So, last week she was on Ellen and she was… FABULOUS.

One of the infinite reasons that I love her so much is that she is a mega-super-star-goddess-diva and she is just so real and frank and Cher about it all, all of the time.

I’m fairly convinced that the way she presents herself on talk shows and interviews is probably much the same as what you’d get as a close friend of hers over coffee. She’s not full of herself and never tries to fool you about who she is. She doesn’t do that I’m-rich-and -famous-so-I’m-deeply-profound-and-wise thing that you see so much of. She’s just Cher, which is obviously more than enough. Watch. Learn. Love. Enjoy.

Happy Friday-eve. Happy Cherday!