So, WordPress tells me a thing or two about what’s going on with this blogomine. Not much mind you, just things like how many people stopped by and how they found me. Yesterday’s google searches were by far my favorite… ever. Mostly because they were all so random and (almost) all of the inquiries found something that related.

Google searches that led the unexpected to jljj:

1. Can you feed raccoons?
2. Jennifer Beals naked
3. caught with a woody
4. Violets
5. Is ocean foam whale pee
6. roll up with bobby pins
7. are the golden girls still alive
8. baby piggies
9. A fish knows everything
10. cher cher cher
11. Jesse James is a dickwad (um, sorry, no link to that one…)

The reason for this post is my sincere curiosity in this:

Who googled “IS OCEAN FOAM WHALE PEE?” Seriously.

Do I know you? Did my dad’s bullshit somehow get to you as a kid and you just found out yesterday, first in a crowded room and then on google that he was totally full of it? Was he? Is ocean foam whale pee?