(I promise this blog will not turn into post after post of pictures of the Seal balancing things. That said, she obviously has a natural talent so don’t be surprised if every now and then you run into a picture of her with something new on her head. And yes, I am fully aware that the idea is a total copycat of Dooce’s Daily Chuck. Chuck is a dog of great talent and the Seal looks up to him. And like Chuck, only novice, the Seal happens to be able and willing to balance things on her head as well.)

This is my dog, the Seal, with her frog.

The frog is on the dog because the dog loves her frog… and peanut butter biscuits, which were given to the dog every time the frog stayed on the dog’s nog long enough to take a shot for Jesse’s blog.

What a good dog with a frog on your nog for my blog. Very. good. dog.