Truth be told Sinclair has been in town. Thus, I am not just an excuseless, absent blogbraindead blogger. We were very busy running up, on, and all around the town together.

Our first stop entailed my ditching work early to meet her at a bar where we immediately began devising a rough draft on how to solve all of the world’s problems. Which we eventually did. Finding these solutions took a few hours and included a few drinks in the process, which means, unfortunately we no longer remember all of the answers. But this late afternoon conversation, accompanied by a few Jameson’s, did eventually inspire us to stumble into the new H&M where we both proceeded to look amazing in everything. And so, logical at the time, we ended up buying the whole fucking store… in our particular color schemes, of course. Sinclair was all, “Dude, you have to get that!” And I was all, “Sin, seriously, that shirt is more you than you!”

So, with world peace in the wings and entirely new wardrobes, we went back to my place to play butchboi dress up before our second round of out-on-the-town.

(What you can’t see clearly in these photos is the hottie-mohawk that Sin is now sporting – simply butchilicous!)

Once the Seal finally approved our individual outfit choices (Violet was stuck at work that night) we fled to meet the entourage that is Sinclair’s groupies. Fortunately for me, a lot of them are my friends too and the rest turned out to be fabulously interesting and fun to be around in general.

After a few hours of burgers, banter and beers our next stop was the obligatory drink at the lesbian bar. I hadn’t been to this bar in quite some time and was immediately reminded that 1. I am glaringly-very-not 20something anymore in oh so many different ways and 2. I have no desire to ever, ever be 20something again, let alone in that single scene. My reasoning for this is all personal and coming from an internal place, mind you. The girls were plenty cute and being out too late on a Thursday is plenty fun (now and then) but damn if I didn’t land a perfect 10 with Violet… is all I’m sayin’.

Much, much later than planned, Sinclair and I stumbled back to my place, slurred our hello’s to Fraidy and to a very-excited-to-see-Sinclair- Seal. I snuck into bed with Violet, Sinclair fell onto the less than comfy guest bed and we both crash hard and fast for those few hours in between right then and the start of tomorrow.

Next morning I was off to work and she was off with family. And that, my friends, is how we roll.