Violet is on the east coast. They needed the big boss over in Boston for business, and so off she went. I’m following her tonight, on a red eye, for pleasure. No, we’re not sneaking away to get married. We wouldn’t do that. I want the center stage of it all and she wants the gifts. Eloping offers neither. A little shallow? A little showy? Maybe. The point is, unlike my parents’ sneaking suspicion for this random get away together, we’re not off to get hitch. Not.

Violet called this morning, while i was still sound asleep, or should I say, while I was still thinking with my eyes closed:

me: Hello?

V: jesse.

me: Ya?.

V: You are my girlfriend.

me: I know.

V: Ok then, little sleepy shrimp mushroom jessaronie bologna man, talk to you later.


…this is the girl.