me: Hey Violet, have you ever shop lifted before?

V: Noooowah! Are you serious? No way, jesse!

me: Geez, I’m just asking.

(a few minutes later…)

V: Oh no!

me: What?

V: I have!

me: You have what?

V: You! You made me a thief!

me: What the hell are you talking about, Violet?

V: When we go shopping at the co-op.

me: Yeah?

V: When we go grocery shopping and you snack on things from the bins, like those little chocolate covered almonds. You’ve offered me some before and I ate them!

me: Oh my gawd, Violet, everyone does that. That’s not shop lifting.

V: Did we pay for those almonds?…

me: (Speechless and smiling)

V: (looking quite proud) …Mmm hmm. Thought so.

me: You’re a risk taking rebel, Violet.

V: You! You’ve corrupted me!

m: Straight to hell… now we both shall go. Isn’t that cute, Violet?! Won’t that be fun?