Violet read my last post and, via the wonderful world of g-chat
has just informed me that, “It wasn’t a pig that the Seal head butted!
It was a porcelain piglette!”

And, if you are curious at all, there is high probability that
your next question is the same as mine was: “How on god’s bountiful
green earth could you tell that this pig was a baby?”

Violet answered immediately: “Because of its face”


Now if you’ve made it this far, you, right along side me, might have
a new set of fair questions. One in particular might be why she
spelled it ‘piglette’. I didn’t ask. This is just one of those
moments- the kind you don’t mess with.

I’ve learned that when you question something so cute it hurts in that tingly- I-need-to-squeeze-something-or-scream-or-jump-up-and-down-until-I-am- totally-exhausted way, that particular cute might then get corrected, never to be seen or heard from again. So, when it comes to things like piglettes, I let them be.

My best guess is that “piglette” is the Frenglish spelling of a baby
pig, which happens with Violet every once in a while. Being fluent in
both English and French is extremely sexy but it can trip a girl up
every now and again. I’ve noticed that a side effect to speaking
French is the urge to gratuitously add letters to the spelling of
things. And, to keep things interesting, the French word for piglet is
‘porcelet’ which to me sounds like what should be the English word for
a porcelain piglette.