Unfortunately for this post, the title is the climax. Meaning, the story itself is simply a decrescendo(ed) explanation of the title and will most likely not top your interest any further than wherever your interest was by the time you got to the word ‘pig’. A bit like the Metamorphosis in that way, I guess. The idea, I mean. I’m not comparing myself to Kafka, just the idea of the story’s climax being right up front like that. But this isn’t like that as far as anything else goes. And the peak in the Metamorphosis was the first sentence and not the title. So, not like the Metamorphosis, really.

I’m sure comparing anything to a Kafka story is a kiss of death for any writer and writing medium, like, “I guess I look a little like Brad Pitt but…” even though I’m not comparing myself to Kafka (or Pitt) at all. It’s just that as soon as I wrote the title (which I did first) this post was destine to go downhill… but is not to say that the Metamorphosis goes downhill, it just peaks in its first sentence and sort of descends from there– which is brilliant and near impossible to do with a great story. And that is not me saying that I just did the impossible or have a great story. I’m just saying that This Post = title is the best part : Metamorphosis = first sentence is the most exciting part. That is all I’m saying.

So, there is this one route in particular that we tend to walk the Seal. And, for what was an unknown reason until a moment later, the Seal would tend to go a little nuts every time we’d go by this one particular house on this one particular route. She would start to pull on the leash and get a bit too anxious and jumpy. We have both noticed this and decided that there must be a pesky cat lurking that we haven’t noticed or a family of taunting squirrels in a tree that we haven’t seen. But we know that as we get close to that house we need to hold the leash a little tighter.

This morning, while Violet and the Seal went for their walk, Violet’s sleepy brain forgot to tighten the reins as they got close to that particular house. All of a sudden, Seal started to pull so fiercely and suddenly that Violet had no choice but to follow or let go.

While trying to pull back on the Seal, she saw no cats and no squirrels and had no idea what she and the Seal were lunging towards. The Seal continued to pull and drag Violet behind her as she charged forward, full force, until, very unexpectedly, the Seal rammed her head, at top speed, into the head of a life-sized, porcelain pig.

Violet said that it all happened so fast that she was terribly confused but that she also found her situation very amusing. First, she looked around to make sure that no one had seen our dog ram her head into this pig. Second, she made sure the pig was ok, which it was somehow. Then, they just continued on their walk, like they do, like they will. The Seal walked calm and proud, as if the war was finally over.