Requested by one of my very favorites, Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith, I am finally posting one of the very best videos/songs ever made. She emailed her request this morning noting that, ” it’s the first cher video I remember as a teen and uh, damn, those LEGS. hooooly mama”.

You said it Sin, hooooly mama! She also mentioned that in middle school she made an entire tape of this song which just repeated over and over and over again, on both sides. Love it!

My top two tied memories to this song are:

1. Requesting it on the popular radio station in high school to be dedicated to my then-boyfriend (who is finally an out-fag… finally!) after playing a pretty mean prank on him the week before (he forgave me and got me back the following year. I was very impressed).

2. A few years ago, (before Violet!) I ended up at a Greek party in Arizona (and by Greek, I mean, people from Greece, not frat-brats). After a long night of some Greek chant followed by shots of Oozo and eventually coming up with the fabulous plan to secretly recruite all of the girls at the party to sneak out and go skinny dipping with me, I came back to the house sopping wet, like, “oh hey guys, ya, your girlfriend is still in the pool” and supposedly proceeded to bellow a very passionate karaoke rendition of this song. Well, that’s what my friends reported the next day anyway. Oh Oozo! And to top off that story-for-another-time, there wasn’t even music in the background. So, really, I guess I was just holding a microphone, swaying about, soaking wet, singing my heart out, a cappella style. Oh Cher, if that is not love (tucked into the worst hangover i have ever had) , I don’t know what is.

If I could turn back time would I do it all again, you ask? Clever question. And Yes.

Happy Friday-eve all. Happy Cherday! Enjoy.

Insider tip: the guitar player in this video is her son, Elijah, brother from a different father to Chastity.