• Your pants pockets contain a combination of keys, receipts, plastic poop bag, chapstick, gum and smashed up doggie treats
  • You begin to drop your R’s and L’s. “Whos da widdle doggie who weally wants a tweet!?!”
  • Other people’s dogs are not very interesting anymore
  • Coming back from a farmer’s market with a bag of fresh vegetables in one hand and a bag of shit in the other hand feels normal
  • The squeak from a squeaky toy doesn’t annoy you
  • You want more squeaky toys
  • Standing in one spot and throwing a ball over and over again is entertaining
  • You never have to sweep the kitchen floor
  • Peeing with a head in your lap doesn’t seem weird
  • Your partner starts saying to you, “Come here, girl, come on!” in the same tone as for the dog
  • Pig ears end up on the grocery list
  • You trip over animal bones on the living room floor in the middle of the night and smile about it
  • Poop becomes a regular dinner conversation piece between you and your partner
  • You want to go home right after work instead of meeting friends for happy hour
  • Somehow the new, slobbery, four legged, tail waggin’ roommate makes you and your partner start using the word ‘family’
  • You have a blog category titled “dog days”

did I forget any?