Violet, dog and I took a lovely long weekend away, travelling and camping around and on near by islands. The weather was increadible and the three of us had nothing short of a fabulous time. The whole adventure was quite wonderful (there just might be pictures to follow). And as rude as the work-morning was this morning, it wasn’t Monday, which I took as a peace offering.

So, just a few minutes ago I get to work, check my email while chatting with Sinclair and I get this offer to take a “What L-Word character are you?” from a myfacespacebook friend. I have never done one of these but it beats trying to catch up on last weeks work. So I take it. It was quick and painless until… the results:

The L Word: Which Character Are You?

You are JENNY

Did someone say drama queen? Your troubled past has left you emotionally fragile and prone to being self-absorbed. You can count the people you trust on one hand, but you’re extremely loyal to those people.


AaaaaaaaAAAaaAaAaAaaAaAAaaaaaaaaaaa… AAAAAAaaaaaaaaAAHhhHhHHhHhHhh!… NooOOoOOooOoooooOOoOoOOOOOOOOOOoooooOoOOOoOoooOooOOO! How can this be? I am my own worst L-Word nightmare!!!

The scariest part was my inability to disagree… minus the drama king part, of course.