At my job, for the most part, I do good things. But, for the most part, I sit at a desk and stare at a computer, which is why I have a blog. Which is what a blog is for.

So when it’s not pouring rain and I’ve already posted something I do what i can to get out of the office for a little while. Today’s excuse was a stack of mail that needed to be somewhere immediately! At 3:45 I stood up and very quietly mentioned to one person that i was going to the post office. I left the building, turned the corner, turned on my ipod and starting walking on any street that had sun shining.  

I spent the first 4 blocks walking along the waterfront, eventually turning up towards 1st. This is when I walked by the first one. I saw the photo paper out of the corner of my eye. It was upside down and so completely uninteresting. I kept walking. A few steps later I saw another photo, also upside down, in the middle of the sidewalk. This time I couldn’t resist. I pulled my sweater over my hands and reached for what was most likely going to be totally pointless and sticky-gross with gawd-knows-what, but instead, to my utter delight, it was this:

I gasped aloud and stuffed it into my pocket like I had just found money on the ground. I then looked around to see if anyone had seen my physical reaction to my internal dialogue of “Why me? Why am I so lucky!?!” and immediatly turned around to go get the other one.

This was just. too. good. In a world of digital cameras, I was not only lucky enough to have stumbled upon an incredibly strange and fascinating paper photo, but two incredibly strange and fascinating paper photos!

The second one was just as fulfilling:

They all look a little more prepared for this shot. And who is that woman? And WHO IS THE LITTLE GUY IN THE PIRATE STRIPED SHIRT AND CAP’NS HAT!?! I’m assuming his name is Oliver and that he is a Leo, but we might never know. 

Oh, just in case you are waiting or wondering, there is no point to this post. No witty ending, no story, no conclusion or deep question for your soul to suck on. This is just life that happened and still life that i just happened to stumble upon while ditching work- and that’s it. But really, how great are these shots?

(p.s. if you know who these people are PLEASE let me know)